WV leads the way On CCWC progress report for pollution-reduction targets

The interim progress report recently came out from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Choose Clean Water Coalition. The report evaluates the progress toward attaining their 2017 pollution reduction milestones for the 6 states and D.C. that consist of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The pollutants measured are: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sediment. The sources of pollution under scrutiny are: Agriculture, Urban/suburban pollution runoff, Waste water, More

Stream Survey Results for Sleepy Creek at Spriggs Rd. 07-03-2015

Level 3 Stream Survey  results for Sleepy Creek below the Spriggs Rd. bridge July 3, 2015 Latitude: 39-34-3.4  Longitude: 78-13-34.4 Ambient temp: 75 deg. and cloudy Substrate (Pebble count): Good. Habitat conditions: 169 Suboptimal Biological conditions: 72.9 Suboptimal There were 59 low tolerance benthic macroinvertebrates represented by 7 types, 68 ‘critters’ of 3 types in the medium tolerance category, and 13 of 4 More

Hard work and helpful volunteers help make tree planting a success

After much planning and a week of prep work, hundreds of trees were planted in the Old Mill Manor area along Sleepy Creek on Saturday. Tuesday was hole digging, Wednesday, unloading the trees from a semi. and delivering them to the planting sites, Friday making the deer-proof cages and distributing them to the sites, and on Saturday we were ready for 18 people More

Swollen Sleepy Creek

Recent Rains swell Sleepy Creek

Here you can see how much sediment is in Sleepy Creek after a big rain event. Normally you can see the stream bed clearly through the water. By creating better riparian buffers and implementing stream bank restoration along with other ‘best practices’ SCWA encourages and educates landowners about how they can help to reduce excess sediment from getting into the Creek. Excess sediment More

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