08-19-16 Monkey flower graces stream monitoring site

Another great day for stream monitoring at Sleepy Creek. Norm Dean identified a Monkey Flower (left picture) at our data compilation site and we netted hundreds of Benthic Macroinvertebrates, which are seen here being collected by Bob Meadows and Stan Oaks at our stream-side station. Ph and dissolved O2 tests in the foreground performed by yours truly. Check back to this site to More

Stream Monitoring results for Middle Fork of Sleepy Creek

Level 3 Stream Survey results for Sleepy Creek at Middle Fork near Rt. 13 Latitude: 39-30-59 Longitude: 78-13-45 Water was clear and odorless, 22 degrees C Substrate (Pebble count):=Good   Habitat conditions: 120=Good   Biological conditions: 74.9=Suboptimal   Dissolved O2: 140% pH: 6 There were 108 low tolerance benthic macroinvertebrates represented by 7 types,  94 ‘critters’ of 4 types in the medium tolerance More

SCWA begins preliminary surveys for an ambitious stream bank restoration project

SCWA began the preliminary steps necessary to apply for a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) grant to restore natural stream flow and reduce stream bank erosion in Sleepy Creek. On June 1st SCWA members were met at the Spriggs Rd. bridge by engineer Ted Hogan from E.O. Restoration to view the site and get survey measurements of the stretch of stream in More

Stream Monitoring season begins, results for Sleepy Creek at New Hope Rd.

Level 3 Stream Survey results for Sleepy Creek at the Meadows property: (At New Hope Rd. bridge) May 19, 2016 Latitude: 39-35-46  Longitude: 76-10-15 Ambient temp: 74 deg. and sunny .6 inches of rain in last 48 hrs. Water was clear and odorless. Substrate (Pebble count): Good Habitat conditions: 166 Suboptimal Biological conditions: 93.2 Optimal (Last year was suboptimal) Dissolved O2: 85% There More