Stream monitoring results for Sleepy Creek at Creek Rd. 09-02-2016

It was perfect weather to enjoy the beauty of Sleepy Creek during our annual monitoring at this site. Level 3 Stream Survey results for Sleepy Creek at Creek Road on 09-02-2016, 8:30am. Participants: Fink, Iliff, Oaks, Meadows, Dean. Conditions: Sunny and cool, no rain in the last 48 hours. Latitude: 39-30-59  Longitude: 78-13-38 Water temp: 19.5  C. , Dissolved Oxygen: 67 mg/l,  Conductivity: More

Sleepy Creek Stream Monitoring results from Burnt Mill Rd. Bridge 08-19-16

Level 3 Stream Survey results for Sleepy Creek near Burnt Mill Bridge August 19, 2016 8:30 am. Monitors: Iliff, Fink, Oaks, Dean, Meadows Latitude: 39-38-47  Longitude: 78-7-45 Ambient temp: 90 deg. and sunny Water temp: 24 deg. C (75.2 F) pH:7.5  Dissolved solids: 110 ppm Habitat conditions: 183 Optimal (up five from last year) Biological conditions: 81.6 Optimal (same) There were 228 low More

Free trees available to honor Carla Hardy

Carla Hardy (1971-2016), founder of the Carla Hardy WV Project CommuniTree program, has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  Cacapon Institute is offering memorial trees to be planted in her honor in fall 2016. By planting a memorial tree this fall, you are expanding upon Carla’s legacy and upholding the motto of the program she began back in 2008 by “Building Communities from the More

Join Cacapon Institute on September 10 for a fun paddle trip!

Cacapon Institute’s 2nd Annual Potomac River Paddle Trip Come spend the day with Cacapon Institute as we paddle the Potomac River from Great Cacapon, WV to Hancock, MD. This is a free event.  Cacapon Institute will be renting canoes for those who do not have one, but there is a limited supply. CI will also be furnishing a catered lunch. Please register below More